Posted by: rminchin | March 27, 2017

George Town Exuma

Tomorrow starts our northward migration sailing back up the Exuma chain, with more snorkeling along the way, then jumping over to Eleuthera to visit the caves at Rock Sound and Hatchet Bay before heading westward toward Florida.

The past month and a half have seen us through the Exumas to George Town and also a quick trip over to Long Island. We cruised from George Town to Long Island in the company of Sandcastle and Paperbird and everyone agreed Long Island is a “gem” in these parts. The locals are friendly and relaxed. On 2 occasions, locals spent over an hour sharing their stories of life on the island. Touring the island by rental van with 6 of us on board allowed us to visit Clarence Town in the south and the Columbus Monument on the northern tip of the island with its spectacular views. The high point for Ron was the opportunity to talk with a local boat builder working on a Class A Bahamian Sloop which they will have ready in 2 weeks for the regatta – very cool!

George Town is the hub of cruising in the Bahamas with as many as 400 boats anchored here for the winter season.  When we arrived, the crowd was down to around 150 and it still seems crowded. The cruising community here runs a radio net every morning with all sorts of activities on the beaches from volleyball to classes for painting coconuts. Stocking Island that forms the Elizabeth Harbor has many trails for hiking over to Exuma Sound to watch waves crash upon the rocky shoreline as the spray flies 40 or 50 feet in the air and the salt mist blows over you while walking along the trails. Other trails take you to a beautiful beach for shelling and just enjoying a stroll along the tide line on the calmer days.

Though we will miss the clear waters of the Bahamas, it is now time to begin our slow journey back to the States. We are very excited for the arrival of our first grandchild due this September.

Monument Beach George Town

Hiking Stocking Island

Street sign in George Town

Hiking Stocking Island




  1. WOW! Never mind all the sea/beach and other it Dawn expecting!???

  2. Agree…you saved the best news for last. Sounds like a new crew member is on the way!

  3. Wow, so very excited for you, congratulations to all!!!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!  Great stories. How’re you guys feeling?  Dawn?  We’re having fun dancing. I didn’t know there was so much dancing going on around here.Good journey!  Hi from Bob Ginger 

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