Posted by: rminchin | February 24, 2017

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

Sitting on a mooring at the park headquarters at Warderick Wells, waiting out the weather, I thought I’d do a quick update. In the two weeks we have been in the Bahamas we have had several opportunities to wait out fronts with moderate winds and welcome rain showers. It seems every time we get the boat all salty, the next day it rains and gets all washed off. Between the frontal passages the weather has been perfect. This year’s Gulf Stream and Bank crossings were ideal including a night at anchor near the Northwest Shoal on the Bank with tons of stars and a full moon. As always, the Exumas don’t disappoint with the beautiful water colors for snorkeling and the wonderful opportunities for hiking along the rocky shoreline and among the ruins from a time when the Loyalists left the American Colonies and attempted to farm the rocky islands of the Bahamas. It’s unclear if it was the lack of good soil or the pirate activities in the Islands that brought an end to the farming but all that is left are piles of rocks indicating the former location of homes and rock walls.

There is a tradition on Warderick Wells at Boo Boo Hill where cruisers can leave signs with their boat names on pieces of driftwood in a large pile at the top of the hill. We hiked to the top of the hill and found Stormy Petrel’s board from the last time and brought it back to the boat and added ’17 to it and placed it back atop the pile.
This year we are again cruising in company with Tom and Sue onboard Sandcastle, a Catalina 42, and hoping to catch up with Scott and Donna onboard Saltine when they get a window to cross from Miami.

Ron and Kathy
S/V Stormy Petrel



  1. Looks so beautiful, I’m tempted to fly down & do some cruising with you. LOL enjoy!!!

  2. Thanks Ron.

    You had dropped off Marine Traffic 9 days ago as you left Nassau. I figured you were just out of range and all was well.

    We now have our RV, just 22’ long and very compact. We had to have a fairly major job done on the transmission due to a ATF leak. That is now all fixed and we will be going for an overnight shakedown sometime next week.

    Today it’s already in the 80’s and we’re still in February!


  3. Hi Happy to hear you are having a great time. Our weather is fabulous..we t busy with the music festival and house guests. Bill has the end of the season race tomorrow. Keep safe and keep posting! 

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  4. Good post. Warm and sunny 70 degrees in New Jersey today. Teardrops already up. Colder weather coming this weekend.

  5. Good to hear from you!

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