Posted by: rminchin | December 22, 2016


We wish everyone a peaceful and joyful 2016 Holiday Season and a healthy 2017 as we begin our sixth year of living aboard and cruising all the east coast has to offer.

We’ve been off the boat for a while. Ron had to go back to New Jersey for some doctors’ appointments; all is well now and we are back on board working our way south toward warmer climes. Being in NJ during the beginning of the holiday season we shared a fabulous Thanksgiving and many Christmas activities with our family.

Stormy Petrel waited patiently at our friends dock in Fairfield Harbor near New Bern, NC from November 2nd till December 13th. The waterway is quiet this time of year as most of the snowbirds have already reached Florida and points south. On the plus side this gives us plenty of room in the anchorages; on the down side we are using a lot of propane for our Cozy Cabin heater which does a good job of taking the chill off. Our first night out the overnight temperature dropped to 25 degrees but rose quickly as the bright Carolina sun warmed our cockpit enclosure.

Stopping at Carolina Beach we enjoyed the trails of the State Park and the wonderful company of good friends and a visit with Kathy’s cousin in Southport, NC. Making our way along the ICW behind the barrier islands of North Carolina, with views of the ocean and the surrounding marshes, we are looking forward to our next stop for a visit with friends in Charleston, SC.

Sunrise over Beaufort NC

Sunrise over Beaufort NC

Shrimping on Pamlico Sound

Shrimping on Pamlico Sound

Moon rise over Virginia Beach

Moon rise over Virginia Beach

Cypress Trees of the Aligator River

Cypress Trees of the Aligator River


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