Posted by: rminchin | March 22, 2016

Georgia On My Mind

Georgia, from the wilds of Cumberland Island near the Florida border to the bustling port city of Savannah, provides a wonderful experience for the cruiser traveling the ICW. With the 8 foot tides creating vast mud banks and miles of open marshland wildlife abounds. The ICW meanders it’s way behind the Golden Isles that form the Atlantic Coast of Georgia alternating between wide open Sounds and narrow shallow cuts that were dug back in the 1930’s and now make it possible to enjoy watching the many waterfowl, including the rare white pelicans, dolphins swimming along or under our bow and the occasional alligator sunning on the nearby bank. Tonight we are anchored in the Wright River planning on visiting Savannah tomorrow. This is another awesome, quiet, solitary anchorage along the salt marshes with a beautiful full moon and clear skies.


Cumberland Island Anchorage

Cumberland Island Anchorage


Wood Stork at Plum Orchard

Wood Stork at Plum Orchard

White Pelicans

White Pelicans

Georgian Alligator

Georgian Alligator



  1. Awesome! Safe travels and fair winds

    • Love that part of the ICW. Looking forward to seeing you here..give us a heads up a few days ahead of your arrival! Enjoy those birds!

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