Posted by: rminchin | November 18, 2015

South Carolina

Tonight we are anchored in the Beaufort River enjoying the South Carolina Low Country. The rivers meander through miles of salt marsh as the tide rises and falls 8 feet twice a day exposing mud banks at low and almost covering the grasses at high while birds fly overheard and dolphins escort us on our way. Leaving the sounds of North Carolina in our wake with their brackish water and no tides we were greeted to South Carolina by the great cypress trees of the Waccamaw River and water resembling that of the Dismal Swamp.

With stops in New Bern, Washington, Southport, NC and Charleston and Beaufort, SC we had the opportunity to visit some new places and some familiar ones as well as visit friends and family along the way. This year we didn’t lose any anchors to the Charleston Harbor and had a wonderful time walking the historic streets and wondering what it would have been like to have been here in the early 18th century. With the gas lamps, wide porches with ornate iron railings and formal gardens you can just imagine the struggles as the colonists were trying to get established in a new world.

As we make plans to leave South Carolina behind and head into the sounds and rivers of Georgia we are looking forward to many more miles of salt marsh teeming with wildlife and then the cruisers’ Thanksgiving in St Marys, Georgia.

Gas Lanterns Exploring Charleston

Gas Lanterns Exploring Charleston

Exploring Charleston

Exploring Charleston

Second Eagle

Second Eagle



  1. Sounds so serene and very interesting.
    Continued fair winds.

  2. Glad you are having a good trip south.

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