Posted by: rminchin | November 14, 2014

Visiting Charleston

We just anchored in Charleston, South Carolina, on a cool 51 degree, windy day and plan to dinghy to shore and walk the town this afternoon. We will spend the next couple of days visiting some good friends here then heading south again.

Our last update had us making our way to New Bern.  We spent a week there visiting our friends, Bill & Olwen.  Bill drove Ron to pick up our new heat exchanger and helped him install it as well as help him design and fabricate isolators for between our shrouds and life lines.  Ron certainly enjoyed all the technical conversations with Bill and working on one project after another.  We both enjoyed catching up with their sailing friends that we meet each time we visit.

Another highlight for Kathy is the connection with a cousin in Southport North Carolina for the first time.  The connection was made from research on

Some sights along the way included egrets, eagles, and deer swimming across the channel in front of our boat, as well as what we’re pretty sure was a bobcat swimming across the channel.  Check out our photos!  Of course, frequent visitors are the dolphins and on one occasion they were soaring completely out of the water giving us quite a show.

Our best night at anchor was in Prince Creek off the Waccamaw River. Alone, in a very narrow channel within the wildlife refuge, the cypress trees on both sides, no wind and very little ambient light , the crickets serenaded us as well as the hooting of owls and some other night creatures providing us an interesting evening while checking out the stars.  Heavenly.

Morning reflections along the Waccamaw River

Morning reflections along the Waccamaw River

Waiting to go shrimping

Waiting to go shrimping

Wrightsville Beach NC

Wrightsville Beach NC

Downtown Beaufort NC

Downtown Beaufort NC



  1. A beef roast is in the slow cooker today, using the probe feature! Will keep on trying out recipes, tasty easy one pot meals..I love it! Again thank you.
    Love to know where you are and what and who you have seen. Stay safe and enjoy and share with us!
    Love and hugs Olwen and Bill.

  2. Love “lady Neptune. I think you bobcat is a too big for a bobcat. Bobcats have pointed ears and your creature has definitely rounded ears. How about a puma/mountain lion…or an escaped species. VERY Interestting!

    • I was thinking cougar but when I looked up their range it wasn’t the east coast. It wasn’t all that big maybe the size of a big dog.

  3. Wishing I was with you!
    Smooth Sailing!

  4. Would have loved to have seen all o those beautiful creatures

  5. Beautiful pics.
    Love the wake reflections.

  6. Enjoyed your post and pics. Weather here colder and saw our first snow last Thursday. Kathy and Jim

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