Posted by: rminchin | October 15, 2014

Cruising the Chesapeake

Our usual one month stop in the autumn at Cedar Creek Marina found us enjoying visiting family and friends as well as a fun fall foliage trip to Lake George with Tom, Bob, and Kelley on Lucky Charm, Tom’s powerboat. We also had an unexpected repair on Stormy Petrel due to hitting a rock in Maine while exploring slowly in a poorly charted back creek. There were no leaks or obvious damage but when we pulled the boat to check it out, we found a crack in the fiberglass where some water had seeped into a void between the lead and the fiberglass (bottom of the keel). Ron ground it out, let it dry out a week, and repaired it better than new.

After using the Marine Traffic app on our phone we decided to purchase and install an AIS (Automated Identification System) which was quick and easy to do and now allows us to see where all the tugs, barges, and ships are in relation to us, as well as many cruising boats who also now have AIS systems installed. We see them on our AIS screen as well as on our charting software. Most importantly, it tells us time and distance to collision if a course change is not made. Awesome safety information!

Leaving CCSC on Oct 6th allowed us to be able to attend the Annapolis sailboat show by boat for the first time. We spent two days enjoying the activities of the show. Ron sought out many vendors and asked lots of questions to become more familiar with new products as well as understand how systems work. He also purchased materials to study for his 50 ton Master’s Captains license with sailing endorsement. So, we’ll soon be calling him “Captain Ron”!

He bought some Dyneema line, no stretch/high tech, and learned how to splice it (easy) and replaced our topping lift. Kathy bought some new rain gear pants at a great boat show price as well as other minor gear.

We are now anchored in a protected spot up Spa Creek waiting for a front to blow through so we can sail on over to St Michaels and continue exploring our way down the bay.



  1. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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