Posted by: rminchin | March 13, 2014

Half Way to New Jersey!

Today finds us enjoying the sights of Southport, North Carolina on a clear, brisk morning including a tour of the Maritime Museum.  As we tied up to the town’s one free dock, we met Shantal McKinsey fishing. She owns the last home in town which has been passed down from generation to generation and gave us a tour of her newly restored home.

Cold has not been a problem for us with our enclosed cockpit and cabin heat. Since leaving the warmth of Florida, we have continued the trend of upgrading equipment onboard with the installation of a new Lofrans windlass while in Charleston visiting our friends Bob and Beth. As usual, the weather has been an influence in our trip north on the ICW through Georgia and South Carolina. The wind has been favorable lately for sailing allowing us to challenge our “attention” skills as we tweak and change sail configurations through the narrow winding passage with frequently changing currents.  One of the joys of cruising the ICW is the varying landscapes. We go from open marshland to tall pines to large waterfront homes to inland rivers including one of our favorites, the root beer colored waters of the Wacamaw River.

Sailing up the Indian River in Florida gave us the opportunity to visit Kathy’s hometown of Satellite Beach and bike past her two childhood homes. Sadly, the huge concrete green dragon on Dragon Point has deteriorated significantly and may not be restored. In St. Mary’s, Georgia known as “the town that time forgot” we enjoyed a fun day at their annual Mardi Gras festival and parade then another long bike ride. Each day is a new adventure.

We’re looking forward to our visit in New Bern with our friends, Bill and Olwen.

We love to see everyone’s comments and hope you are all doing well with the long, cold winter up north. Spring will be here soon!






  1. We are ready and waiting! Joann is eager to see Stormy Petrel at her dock again. Just call us a day out, but you know how to get in anyway so all is well!

  2. It is cold and very windy here today! It’s nice to hear that you are enjoying your journey North. It sounds like you are meeting some interesting people. We are hoping that you bring some warmer weather with you. This is the Winter that just won’t end! We love looking at your photos and hearing about your adventures. Fair Winds and safe travels,
    With Love,
    Elizabeth and Frank

  3. Good to hear of your adventures north. Yep, weather here is struggling to turn warmer. Just two days ago it was 60 and I drove home from work with the top down for the first time this year. Today it’s back in the 20s. Burr!

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