Posted by: rminchin | February 16, 2014

Heading North – Are we Crazy? There’s still snow up there!

After spending 5 days at one of our favorite anchorages on the east coast of Florida, Manatee Pocket in Stuart, visiting Kathy’s Uncle and Aunt and our friends Ed and Pattie we are now officially heading north slowly working our way back toward NJ with a tentative arrival in early April.

Now that we are beginning our 3rd year of full-time sailing, we are realizing just how harsh salt air is on electronics, zippers, “stainless” steel, etc. Kathy’s netbook and Ron’s cell phone died.  We biked to a Verizon store and came away with not only a new phone but also an Android tablet that looks like it will work very well for the charting apps, including the free one from NOAA with the raster charts.

Our new “Isotherm” refrigeration system is working great! After the installation, we left Marathon and had a great sail across Florida Bay to Cape Sable stopping briefly for a walk on a deserted beach then on to explore the Shark River and the Ten Thousand Island area.  Making sure to install our screens before sunset, we were able to keep mosquito free inside the boat but could see hundreds of them trying to get thru the screens! A rare sighting was Roseate spoonbills perched on a tree as we sailed by, others flying overhead. Leaving the isolation of the mangrove islands you are greeted with the high rise condos of Marco Island and Naples and are back in civilization till you turn east up the Caloosahatchee River toward Lake Okeechobee. The trip across the lake is an experience quite different than coastal sailing or the Keys with fresh water, locks, and alligators. This time we chose to take the longer rim route around the lake with the highlight being a hand operated swing bridge at the Tory Island campground.

Although we have been thoroughly enjoying our travels, blue skies, and warm weather, we are looking forward to visiting friends in Charleston and New Bern as well as everyone in NJ including Kathy’s new grand niece, Leanora Rose.



  1. Glad to read your new post. Yes, we are all sick of the snow up here in NJ, but finally this week looks like a big warm up to the 40’s. Plus I have seen robins in Ewing….surely the birds know the warmer weather is coming. All the best. Kathy

  2. Better make
    it a V E R Y S L O W trip north. Wiht over 2′ of frozen snow and still cold weather, it may be awhile before we see the ground again.

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