Posted by: rminchin | January 23, 2014

The Florida Keys

We have been feeling bad for all our friends and family up north with the cold and snowy weather while we are hanging out in the Keys in shorts and tee shirts except of course for those enjoying skiing and sledding. The weather here has been on the cool side for the Keys the past couple of weeks with highs only in the mid to upper 60’s and lots of strong north winds. It’s hard to find a quiet anchorage with all around protection that’s not full of moorings or permanently anchored boats, but Tarpon Basin in Key Largo is one of our favorites. We spent a week at anchor there with the sewing machine setup in the cockpit and using the cabin sole we laid out and sewed a new cockpit enclosure of darker Captains Navy Sunbrella. It sure makes Stormy Petrel look like a new boat!

Before leaving the metropolis of Miami we were treated to their New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. Now half way down the Keys it’s nice to be able to see the bottom through the clear waters, which is a good thing since we are often taking advantage of Stormy Petrel’s shallow draft and sailing or anchoring in as little as 4.5 ft. of water. Bypassing the crowds of Boot Key Harbor in Marathon while taking advantage of the north winds we are now headed toward Key West. The plan, though they often change, is after a few days in Key West to work our way back up the Keys then over to Cape Sable and up the West coast along the very remote western edge of the Everglades.

Stormy Petrel's new colors

Stormy Petrel’s new colors

Sewing at Anchor in the Cockpit

Sewing at Anchor in the Cockpit



  1. Enclosure looks great and your weather is certainly better than ours. Fair winds.

  2. Wow! What a great change! You took 20 years off the looks of Stormy Petrel!
    Glad your warm it sure is cold up here! New shop is together and I am starting to sew again! Love the 10 minute ride to check on the boat and marina! Send some of those wonderful pictures!

  3. Beautiful!!! Living vicariously though you right now and really hoping this is our last winter up north. Stormy Petrel must be turning heads in the Keys!

  4. Hi you all! Glad to hear from you. We were in FL for a week and it was windy and chilly! We had a sprinkling of snow here on Wed and will probably get more this coming week! looking forward to your return visit here in the spring. have you met up with any of our yacht club friends? Love the new look to your bot!

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