Posted by: rminchin | October 26, 2013

Through the Dismal Swamp – Which is Anything but Dismal

The other day Kathy and I were saying to each other it’s only been a week since we got back onboard and headed out of Barnegat Inlet. It feels like it’s been much longer and we have made really great time so far. The Chesapeake had some great sailing days this year and we even got to sail most of the trip from Barnegat offshore and up the Delaware Bay. A few new destinations were added to our log book among them were Tangier Island and Dymer Creek. The past two days transiting the Dismal Swamp Canal have been wonderful with 12 boats rafted at the NC Welcome Center last night and a full lock this morning ending with a great cruiser’s party this evening in Elizabeth City. One of the joys of cruising down the ICW is meeting other cruisers along the way. Everyone travels at their own pace some quickly getting south others taking their time and finding new places, sometimes off the beaten path, then at some point down the waterway you’ll meet up compare notes and be off again on your separate courses. We are looking forward to finding some of these new places off the beaten path this year and plan to visit Edenton for their 300th anniversary celebration then head over to Ocracoke for a taste of North Carolina’s Outer Banks before  getting back on the beaten path.

At Elizabeth's dock on the Dismal Swamp Canal in Deep Creek VA

At Elizabeth’s dock on the Dismal Swamp Canal in Deep Creek VA



  1. Enjoy the less traveled trail! We will keep on the lookout for Stormy Petrel…

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