Posted by: rminchin | May 15, 2013

Chesapeake Bay

Once again we have found out why so many sailors choose the Neuse River and the area around Oriental NC as their homeport. After a wonderful but short visit with our good friends, Bill and Olwen, in Fairfield Harbor we enjoyed the two best days of sailing since leaving Florida as we made our way along the rivers and sounds of North Carolina.

One of our favorite sections on the ICW is the Dismal Swamp Canal and it didn’t disappoint us with a perfect anchorage in the Pasquotank River within the cypress swamp just south of the canal entrance. Hundreds of turtles basked in the sun and the sweet fragrance of honeysuckle offset any worry of overhanging branches or “deadhead” logs in this narrow canal. While waiting to view the brilliant stars overhead several otters were swimming by and many birds were singing overhead. With the slower pace of life along the canal we had the opportunity to meet an interesting 70 year old solo sailor with colorful tails of distant voyages and words of wisdom.

Today finds us making our way past the bustling port of Norfolk with the Navy base and up the Chesapeake Bay with the familiar sights of crab trap floats and the uniquely designed boats of the bay’s watermen.

With luck we should be back in Barnegat Bay before Memorial weekend and we are looking forward to reconnecting with our friends and family.



  1. Come on Ron & Cathy! You can make it! Looking forward to seeing you again in Beach Haven!

  2. And we are looking forward to seeing back safe and sound !!

  3. NC sounds beautiful. We are looking forward to seeing you! Fair winds.
    Elizabeth and Frank

  4. We can’t wait until you return…we will have a party in the fall with all those around here who now know you. Oh and Yatch club too…..almost members! Will save some odd jobs as well…don’t want you to be bored! Love Olwen and Bill

  5. We also enjoyed the Dismal Swamp…in Bermuda now is not dismal at all, just sun shining and wonderful people.

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