Posted by: rminchin | May 3, 2013

Waiting on the Weather

Today we are anchored in a little creek off the ICW near Southport, NC. The wind is blowing 25-30 NE which, by the way, is the exact direction we need to go. Like they say, the wind vane on the masthead points to your destination. We did stick our bow out into the Cape Fear River this afternoon to find 30 kts of wind with a 2.5 kt current and pretty big white caps. After pounding into the seas at about 4 kts for an hour, we came back in here where it’s much more pleasant though still quite windy. Looking at the marine forecast for most of the east coast there are east to northeast winds in the 20-25 kt range from Florida all the way to NJ. This pattern has been the same for the past week and a half since we left Fl. One nice thing about the ICW is that you can usually keep going under almost any weather and we have been able to cover 400 miles.

Some of the highlights along the way included a stop to tour historic Beaufort, SC and a stop to visit our friend Bob in Charleston and see his beautiful new home. As always, motoring along the cuts through the marsh you are rewarded with the sights of eagles, dolphins, and even an alligator or two while the waterfront homes and small towns with their fishing fleets compete for your attention.

If the forecasters are correct the winds should diminish some tomorrow and we’ll be on our way again looking for an opportunity to raise the sails and glide peacefully along toward New Jersey.


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