Posted by: rminchin | April 1, 2013


Yesterday we enjoyed a 9 hour sail from Royal Island, just North of Eleuthra, to Little Harbor, Abacos.  It was exciting to sail 6 knots on a beam reach with 20 other boats challenging our skills since we were the smallest sailboat in the fleet. There were 5 foot swells in the extremely deep waters of the Atlantic and Kathy was able to ward off seasickness by watching the other boats and the flying fish over the cobalt blue water.

Eleuthra’s best attraction for us was the numerous caves.  Most were along the coast and small but we could look inside or dinghy inside at low tide.  One day we took a 6 hour bike exploration and found a cave that was a mile long!  We had our flashlights but didn’t go more than ¼ of the way through.  There was a string to hold on to in case your light went out.  We saw a name and date written on the cave wall from 1882!  We also found some great beaches on the ocean side including one that is an internationally renowned surfing beach.  The people were friendly and when we stopped in the police station to ask where a pay phone was, she just handed us their phone and said to call as many people as we want.  In Rock Sound, Kathy jumped into a Blue Hole, 600’ deep, to experience the sulfur water with its reputed healing properties and cool off after walking 3 miles to the beach.

Spanish Wells differed greatly from the other settlements we have been exploring.  With their large fishing fleet, they are not as dependent on tourism and paid us little mind.  Other settlements we found people waving, honking, or offering us rides while restaurant owners get on the radio and tell us what they are serving that day.  In Spanish Wells we did our usual, dinghy explore the harbor and walk the neighborhood which we like to always do to get a feel of the place.  Here, the colorful, well landscaped, Cape Cod style homes were tightly packed on narrow streets with quite a bit of golf cart traffic.

Our plan from here is to tour the Abacos, including Hope Town with its iconic lighthouse, then return to Stuart, Florida around mid April to visit Kathy’s Aunt Barbara and Uncle Stretch before heading up the coast.

Ron & Kathy
S/V Stormy Petrel



  1. Wow…the cave explore sounds exciting. I think I might have been claustrophobic! Kathy Nowicki

  2. Sounds like real escapism. Traveling back in time..
    You didn’t say how you did against the 20 larger boats.

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