Posted by: rminchin | March 12, 2013

Georgetown Exuma

Since Ron’s 60th birthday and our last update, we made it to Georgetown, Exuma, the Mecca of Bahama’s cruising.  There are about 300 boats anchored in the harbor.  Our sailing adventure along the way took us to many small cays and quiet anchorages where we swam, snorkeled, hiked, and dinghy explored.  Some of the highlights are the prehistoric iguanas on Allen’s Cay, the island with a single palm and park bench in Norman’s Cay, the grotto at Thunderball Cave, coral gardens with a large stand of elk horn coral, Blackpoint; basically thoroughly enjoying the clear, beautiful water of varied shades of blue, the sandy beaches and even the white cliffs and rocky paths.  We’ve had the opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with other cruisers we have met previously along our trip south along with meeting new people.  It’s always interesting to hear where they’ve been and where they have come from like the boat that followed us into Georgetown that sailed over from England and our current anchorage neighbor from San Francisco.  We plan to wait for another weather window to head back North and visit Eluthera in route to the Abacos.


We added a bunch of pictures to the 2013 Photos Page, check out the color of the water and beauty of the Bahamas.




  1. Hello! We met you in Dismal Swamp Canal and are here now in Georgetown, too! We’d love to get together before the weather takes you back north! The boat from New Mexico that was tied along the canal with us in South Fork was here last week! Not sure if they are still here, though. Hope to reconnect! S/v Field Trip
    Mark, Sarah, Elizabeth & Michael

  2. We loved your photos! Thanks for sharing your adventures…
    xo Elizabeth and Frank

  3. Wonderful pictures!  You both look like you are really enjoying retirement….Thank you for sharing your adventure.

  4. Wow, all that blue sky and sea really beats the gray I am seeing in Nj at the moment. Glad your trip is going well. Loved seeing all your photos.
    Kathy and Jim

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