Posted by: rminchin | December 1, 2012

Oh, so warm, Florida weather!

Oh, so warm, Florida weather!  Loving it, shorts and T’s, walking along the water’s edge; we thought we’d never get here.

Right now we’re anchored just inside Ponce Inlet watching the rotating beacon of the lighthouse and waiting for the nearly full moon to rise.  Since our last post, we’ve experienced the variety of cruising the ICW can provide.  Sailing thru the wide open sounds of South Carolina and Georgia intermixed with motoring thru the narrow cuts in the marsh, anchorages in narrow creeks with lots of current, and of course, the highlight of Cumberland Island National Seashore and St. Mary’s, Georgia.

We’ve met some amazing young couples with ambitious cruising plans. There was Brian and Stephanie on Road Trip, Scott and Kimberly on Anthyllide, Ryan and Tasha on Hideaway, and Matt and Jessica on Serendipity.  It is refreshing to see their excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead for them.  Then there was Steve, on his Cal 29, with 3 young women as crew. Attempting to hand-sew the leech of his jib on the town dock.  The pleasures of buying used sails… We were happy to be able to help by sewing it for him with our machine on board. A few days later, we smiled passing them leaving St. John’s Inlet at sunset as we were entering. It’s a great feeling to be able to share knowledge and resources with our fellow cruisers.

Next weekend will find us attending the Seven Seas Cruising Association gathering (Gam)  in Melbourne, Florida.  Looking forward to spending time with Kathy’s brother Joe and his friend, Wendy, and a visit with her Uncle Stretch and his wife, Barbara in Hobe Sound before heading for the Keys.



  1. Ron & Kathy, Loved this post and it’s great to hear of younger sailors getting into the cruising life. Fair Winds, Pete & Mary Ann, s/v MicMac

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