Posted by: rminchin | October 11, 2011

‘Tis a Bit Windy

It’s not just the 20-28 knots of wind, it’s the 2 knots of current broadside that’s giving us a bit of a heel and some bounce to our yoga moves.  We set 2 anchors for our overnight stay in Topsail Sound realizing we would enjoy our first slow morning in 11 days.  Overnight heavy winds and switching current did not affect our comfy night, especially since we turned the wind generator off!  When we first anchored yesterday, before the strongest winds, we could hear the ocean roar.  Now all we hear is the wind howl.

Kathy perfected her Belgium waffle making (thank you, Dawn, for giving it to us) and enjoyed cinnamon, oatmeal, chocolate chip, and pumpkin waffles, yum, (thank you Adam for the pumpkin jam).  We’ll hang here until tomorrow and work on the macramé plant hanger for Dawn and planning our future course to Charleston, SC, possibly Ripley’s Light Marina.  The plan is to return to our home in Maple Shade via Amtrak and prepare it for renting.  Please pass the word, 3 bedroom/2 bath/full basement home for rent, $1500/month.


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